Niamh Donnelly 

b. 1998

Niamh is a UK, Wakefield based photographer, particularly interested in the relationship between places, spaces and people. She strings together poetic sequences of smaller, quieter moments that, when together become larger than themselves, forming narratives within. She photographs with the intent to understand a place and its significance to both herself and others while championing the craft of traditional techniques.

For any commissions, collaborations or inquiries, please contact Niamh directly at


2017-2020- BA (Hons) Photography @ Nottingham Trent University

2016-2017- Foundation in Art and Design @ Leeds Arts University


2020- "this too shall pass", self published zine

2019- 52.9-1.16, self published collaborative photobook


Oct 2020- "this too shall pass" @ Unit 43, Wakefield

Sept 2020- "this too shall pass" @ The Merrie Studios Gallery, Wakefield

June 2020- Online Degree Show 

Sept 2020- Off Centre Photo Festival @ The New Art Exchange, Nottingham

June 2019- Free Range Shows @ The Truman Brewery, London

Jan 2019- XVI Group Show @ Fletcher Gate Gallery, Nottingham

June 2017- Extra-Ordinary Final Show @ Vernon St, Leeds Arts University, Leeds

The Merrie Collective 

Niamh is also a proud to be 1/10th of The Merrie Collective and works out of their shared studio space, The Merrie Studios, in the centre of Wakefield. 

 Check the Collective out here and here, and view their most recent (and also free!) zine here

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